Solo exhibition with Berntson Bhattacharjee Gallery in Falsterbo, Sweden. 9 – 17 July 2022. Press release

Solo exhibition at VIDA Museum & Konsthall, Borgholm 3/7 – 26/9 2021. Tigers tiptoeing clumsily. They’re cockeyed and happy. Dressed in stripes like curvy waves. Nails painted in bubbelgum pink. The tongue is hanging out. A soft and furry whirlwind carries a dolphin and a fried egg. Shiny glimmering spots. An special friendship with a frog….

Solo Exhibition at Österängens Konsthall, Jönköping. I utställningen ”Happy Place” presenteras måleri och videoverk med interaktiva aspekter där betraktaren får leka fritt i gränslandet mellan konst, kropp och teknik.

Nasty Vases Exhibition at Riche Lilla baren 2019. An exhibition celebrating the flower vase as a still life, materializing as large canvas paintings accompanied by hand painted ceramic vases. The exhibition presented imaginative interpretations of a traditional motif. Terracotta vases made in collaboration with ceramicist Fredrik Berg. Photography by Cassie Abraham.