2021 Christmas campaign for Sweden’s leading retailers – Åhléns.

Solo exhibition at VIDA Museum & Konsthall, Borgholm 3/7 – 26/9 2021. Tigers tiptoeing clumsily. They’re cockeyed and happy. Dressed in stripes like curvy waves. Nails painted in bubbelgum pink. The tongue is hanging out. A soft and furry whirlwind carries a dolphin and a fried egg. Shiny glimmering spots. An special friendship with a frog….

Solo Exhibition at Österängens Konsthall, Jönköping. Här bor galna men snälla karaktärer. Vindögda och glada, ofta på språng och med tungan hängandes ut. Klumpiga tassar rusar förbi. Taxarna gör en u-sväng. Tigern plockar upp en groda och skuttar iväg till festen. Där blir det dans och dessert. Vilket härligt ställe. Ett happy place. I utställningen…

Join the adventure into the creative universe of Yoyo Nasty. A mini short film about exploring the creative mind. Directed by Gustav Stegfors and starring Yoyo Nasty.

“Facing Strange Dream” is an interactive art project created for Halebop 🤳 I have created four different face filters, use them to step into the magical world of Yoyo Nasty. 🧙🏻‍♀️🌈🌍📲 “I want it to be like stepping into a land of adventure; a place where imagination and play are paramount to logic and utility….

Selection of personal work from 2020.  

Poster and interior wallpaper for the exhibition “GIN” at Museum of Spirits in Stockholm.

Mural painting for Puma nordic head office in Stockholm. Photography by James Whitmore.

Poster and interior wallpaper for the exhibition “Cider” at Museum of Spirits in Stockholm. The apple as the sun over a nordic lanscape, represents the rising culture around cider brewing in Sweden. “Cider” is the first in a series of exhibitions slated for 2020 and 2021 at Spritmuseum, covering four different Swedish craft beverages.  …

Illustrations for the book “Vin med ny adress” written by Alf Tumble and published by Natur &Kultur. The illustrations represents the different wine regions/chapters of the book; Georgia, Yarra Valley, South of England, Skåne, Adelaide Hills, Canary Islands, Greece, Japan and Swartland.